about r.e. Crawford



General Contracting
R.E. Crawford Construction is one of the most comprehensive providers of general construction services throughout the country. Our team of professionals are industry experts and will use their experience to deliver more than you know to ask for. The Director of Construction and his project managers coordinate the phases of construction, determining subcontractor scheduling and construction operations.

R.E. Crawford Construction has a close working relationship with leading subcontractors and suppliers guaranteeing the owner optimum manpower and materials at the lowest possible cost under a variety of market conditions. Our extensive database, computerized cost control, and sophisticated reporting and control systems provide quality construction delivered to our clients on time and within budget across the country.

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, R.E. Crawford provides a single-source solution to your construction needs beginning with assistance in the selection of the project engineer and architect, up through the completion of the project. We listen and have the expertise to identify your construction service requirements and then provide the necessary critical-path scheduling. This process allows for the efficient purchase of materials and equipment, the realization of the full benefit of project value management, which in turn provides for the successful completion of your project on time and within budget.

R.E. Crawford Construction is licensed to build throughout the United States providing an intimate understanding of local code requirements and permit processes.


R.E. Crawford Construction offers this integrated approach to construction, enhancing cooperation between the owner, the builder, the engineer, and the architect, which ultimately maximizes each of the participant's capabilities. When incorporating the Design Build construction concept, quality, cost and time are determined concurrently. R.E. Crawford Construction's expertise in this format ensures the client can save money, save time, and have the peace of mind that the end-result construction project meets their functional and aesthetic needs.

Pre-Construction Planning

R.E. Crawford Construction's team can provide a comprehensive analysis of costs and performance potentials for all the components and building systems being considered for a project, allowing us to balance design aesthetics with budget realities. Our expert estimators with project-specific experience develop a conceptual evaluation to establish an accurate cost projection. Pre-Construction Planning assists our clients in many ways from seeking project funding/financing to determining project viability.

Value Management

The Value management process allows for the identification of cost savings while maintaining the integrity of the construction throughout planning, design and completion. R.E. Crawford Construction's highly qualified estimators and project managers, skilled in value engineering, thoroughly evaluate the project design and take a second look at specified materials, systems, construction methods, scheduling, etc. Value Management saves our clients money and time and improves the quality, reliability and maintainability of the construction project.

Fast-Track Construction

Fast-Track Construction is typically utilized when completion of certain aspects of the job require a long lead-time for design, procurement and/or fabrication. R.E. Crawford Construction has the proficiency to commence the earlier phases of the project before the design of the later phases of a project are complete, without impairing either construction or design. Our team determines the viability of fast-track completion on a case-by-case basis, knowing when and if this approach can save you time and money.